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Women's World Cup: Obama's Golden Touch Continues

I suspected that Keeper Solo and company were in trouble before the opening kickoff of today’s World Cup Final match between the US and Japan, for one reason: President Obama publicly threw his support to the US.

During his first year or so in office, the 44th president Obama did alright as a sports predictor. But since then, not so much. He started off ok in his 2011 March Madness bracket (which he put together while an earlier round of budget negotiations were going on), but it fell apart and none of his Final Four picks ended up getting to the big dance. Obama said he would go to the Super Bowl if his team the Bears were in it — they lost the NFC Championship at home to the hated Packers. He also supported the Bulls vs the Heat. And then he picked the Heat vs the Mavericks. Yeah.

A few hours before the World Cup Final’s kickoff in Germany, President Obama tweeted his support for Team USA. And we all know how that worked out.

Omedetto to the Japanese team, the giant slayers who were underdogs throughout the knockout stage and played some gutsy come-from-behind soccer to knot things up and send it to PK’s where they won. Japan is going through a horrible year. If any country deserved the kind of lift that an unexpected national team victory can give, it’s Japan. Congrats the US team for playing a great match. They were the favorites and dominated, and were one defensive panic away from winning the whole thing. But that’s why they play the games. Favorites don’t always win.

As for the president, I’m hoping he can do me a favor. Cheer for the Yankees from now on? And Duke and OU? And the Redskins, Giants and Eagles? And Manchester United? And refrain from weighing in during next year’s Olympics at all?

I’d appreciate it.