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Time for Tim Pawlenty to Lay Off the Twitter?

My friend Seth Mandel has his first post at Commentary and it’s a good poke at Tim Pawlenty for acting silly:

And now we have this. Late night comedian Conan O’Brien tweeted, “Is it too early to predict that Tim Pawlenty will not be a popular Halloween costume?” Pawlenty tweeted in response: “@ConanOBrien Wait until I unveil my Team Coco wig then everyone will want the costume. It might even deliver IA for me #ginger #iacaucus.”

Conan could have let this end the conversation, and left Pawlenty looking weird and unfunny, but he saved the exchange with another joke: “Hey @timpawlenty – If wearing a Team Coco wig helps you win in Iowa, it’s probably because Iowans think it’s corn silk.”

Anthony Weiner showed us that politicians can find much worse uses for Twitter than schoolyard taunting or corny joke-telling, but Pawlenty should probably drop the act and focus on looking presidential.

Seth has more examples of how “T-Paw” really should stop embarrassing himself with his social networking. (He should think about repudiating the dumb nickname too.)

To see how someone should use Twitter make a point to follow Seth here.

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