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Don't Get Mad, White House Press Corps, Get Even More Timid!

When Sarah Palin refused to play the media game during the first part of her summer bus tour the press turned livid.

One outlet even accused Palin of inciting danger because she “made” reporters chase her at reckless speeds. Lesson? Anger the press, and you’ll pay for it with nasty, unfair coverage.

Think the same will happen to President Barack Obama?

The latest press clampdown from Mr. Transparency happened today when White House spokesman Jay Carney put a stop to the time-honored tradition of shouting questions to the Commander in Chief. The press erupted in anger.

β€œHe’s capable of ignoring our questions. He does it all the time,” said Chip Reid of CBS to Politico.

But we’ve seen this mock outrage from the White House press types before. And what does it get us? Puff questions about the debt ceiling debate.

The press’ outrage over Obama’s opaque maneuvers won’t last longer than the next news cycle. But Palin remains fair game no matter the circumstances.


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