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Change: Arab World Hates Us Now More Than When Bush Was President

They told Glenn Reynolds that if he voted for McCain, the Arab World would just hate us even more…and they were right!

I have a theory as to what’s going on here, but first the facts:

James Zogby, the anti-Israel pollster who released these findings today, blames the drop in support for Obama in the Arab world on Obama’s failure to put the amount of pressure on Israel the Arab world wanted and expected. But according to the poll, the Arab world doesn’t seem to be happy with any of America’s foreign policy positions. Respondents rated Obama’s policies as the least popular, when compared with other leaders, including Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Killing Osama bin Laden also contributed to the Arab world’s negative views of Obama. In all six countries surveyed – Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, the UAE and Saudi Arabia – the majority of respondents said killing bin Laden made them “less favorable toward the U.S.” Notably, in Egypt, only 2 percent said the al Qaeda leader’s death made them view America more positively.

Here’s the theory: They hate some of the things we do for the obvious reasons (they hate the Jooos, they hate our way of life, etc etc), but they have also lost respect/fear of the United States. Say what you want about Bush, but from an opponent’s point of view you had to respect him as a credible threat. He proved twice that he wasn’t afraid to use force. He was also better at drawing a brighter line between what might cause him to strike and what wouldn’t. Obama, on the other hand, is just erratic. The only way to really make sense of some of his actions is to assume that he’s pursuing some hidden agenda, which calls his honesty into question (I know, for most readers here and myself his honesty is history, but we’re talking about how others who don’t track his every word view him). His apologies for all that’s bad America didn’t win him the accolades he sought, it all just won him a kind of contempt. Here’s a little evidence for that:

Most surprisingly, Obama’s approval ratings are even lower than President Bush’s before he left office in 2008.

I don’t find it very surprising, to be honest. Obama has made a doormat of himself and our country.

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