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Uncle Remus explains debt ceiling negotiation

Putting Medicare on the block in the current negotiations, as Obama has agreed to do with supposed reluctance, is really a “please don’t fling me in dat briar patch” exercise.

Obamacare—Obamacare—guts Medicare.  It steals money from Medicare to feed itself, and is designed, of course, to eventually replace Medicare, because the objective of Obamacare is to put us on the road to single payer.

But the public does not yet realize this, because Obamacare hasn’t kicked in yet, and the MSM hasn’t reported it.  Obama wants Medicare gutted—and Paul Ryan, trying to save Medicare, is portrayed as the bad guy.

So the Republicans walk into budget negotiations, and—because they’ve never read Uncle Remus—do not realize that Obama’s grudging concessions on Medicare are both giving him what he wants and setting themselves up as the eeeevil gutters of Medicare for next year’s election.

If the Republicans had repealed Obamacare, cutting or restructuring Medicare would mean something—but since they haven’t, defunding Medicare is actually helping Obamacare take hold, while setting the Republicans up as patsies to be blamed for what Obama is actually doing.  As Uncle Remus would tell it:

Bre’r Boehner, he say, “We gots to cut de budget, Br’er ‘Bama. We’s gwine ter cut dem ‘titlements, Bre’r ‘Bama, yes we is.”

“Why, sho’, Bre’r Boehner,” sez Bre’r ‘Bama, sezee.  “Yo’ kin cut de budget, sho’ yo’ kin.  Yo’ kin even cut dem ‘titlements—on’y please, Bre’r Boehner, please don’t cut no Medicare.”

“Jes’ fo’ that,” sez Bre’r Boehner, sezee, “We gwine show you, yes we is! We gwine cut dat Medicare! What yo’ think o’ dat?”

“No, no, Bre’r Boehner!” sez Bre’r ‘Bama, sezee. “I is beggin’ and beggin’ you!  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease don’t cut no Medicare!”


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