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Is Apple censoring political debate in its MobileMe email service?

I don’t use MobileMe so I can’t do any testing. Any fanbois want to check this rumor out?

The upshot is that whatever email client a MobileMe user uses, their message will be blocked without notification, reportedly even if the offending content in question contains mild political criticism.

Reg reader Mike Conley, who was the first to tell us of the problem, said that one of three offending messages he sent was blocked because it mentioned the phrase “growing hostility against Frankfurt and Brussels”. An email about civil unrest in Greece about the sovereign debt crisis/austerity budget was also dropped. Conley realised there was a problem because he sends messages to himself via bcc. He complained and one of the offending messages was transmitted only for the problem to reappear days later.

There’s a thread on the subject here.

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