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CNBC story tries to 'hide the decline' in the Obama economy

The phrase “hide the decline” became famous during ClimateGate, but it could just as well describe how the MSM keeps running into unexpected! bad news on the Obama economy. And it fits this CNBC story to a tee:

Planned job cuts rose 11.6 percent to 41,432 in June, but the overall pace of downsizing fell to its lowest level in 11 years, according to a monthly survey by Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Hooray! The “pace of downsizing” is slowing down!

The mid-year total of 245,806 layoffs is the lowest since the turn of the century, according to the report, which noted that since a lull in April, companies have been looking to increase the pace of job cuts in May and June.

In other economic times — such as, when a Republican is president — reporters would probably write that up a bit differently. They might write that the economic downturn continues, as seen in the fact that corporate layoffs are continuing at a high rate, and that companies’ looking to speed up layoffs might mean we’re looking at a double-dip recession. Then they might write up some stuff about a 30-something woman living in her car who used to have a high paying job with time for found art sculpture on the side, but who has run into serious hard times and hasn’t been able to get a job for 18 months thanks to the president and his awful policies.

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