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24% say the country is on "the right track"

My favorite aunt used to say, “Everyone is different.”  That seemed a mysterious statement to me as a child, although, as with most such lessons, the full force of its wisdom didn’t hit me until decades later.  Its insight struck me again today, when I read the latest Rasmussen Report that 24 percent of likely voters think the country (the United States, that is) is “on the right course.”  To think that, one would have to be very different, indeed.  I’m amazed that Rasmussen pollsters were able to find such people, given that they must be ensconced in reality-repellent caves, lacking all contact with anyone actually living in this country at this time.  Wherever Rasmussen located this cheerfully oblivious lot, they found, “Just nine percent (9%) of Republicans and 19% of voters not affiliated with either of the major political parties feel the country is heading in the right direction. Even a plurality (47%) of Democrats now think the country is heading down the wrong track.” When even Democrats begin to sense that something is rotten in the state of our country, there may be hope for us yet.