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ICC issues Qaddafi arrest warrant

Question: If Qaddafi is such a criminal (and I agree, he is), why isn’t Syria’s Assad?

The ICC judge presiding over the Libya case said today that there were “reasonable grounds” to hold Mr. Qaddafi, his son, and his intelligence chief responsible for “killing, injuring, and imprisoning hundreds of civilians” between Feb. 18 and Feb. 28, The New York Times reported. According to the court, Qaddafi introduced a policy “aimed at deterring and quelling by any means, including by the use of force, the demonstrations of civilians against the regime,” BBC News reports.

Assad is still doing all of that. The Iranians did it more than once. China’s rulers did it back in 1989. For that matter, Putin is ex-KGB, so who knows what sort of anti-freedom criminality he’s guilty of. If Qaddafi faces indictment, why don’t they?