Video: Breitbart hacks Netroots Nation conference, gets hassled by lefties

The new tone: Surround your political opponents in a public space and pester them, and then talk about how the content published on his sites creates a bad “following.”


Even though that content keeps turning out to be right?

Update: Dave Weigel (I know) witnessed the exchange. The cocaine question is remarkable, coming from people who supported the first known confessed cocaine user to be elected POTUS.

Breitbart was tailed by a three-man camera crew and a growing pack of reporters and bloggers. I happened to be at the bottom of the escalator when he arrived, so I started asking him about the legends liberal bloggers were telling about him and about Weinergate.

In swept Ryan Clayton, a progressive activist armed with a Flip camera and a couple of questions.

“Do you have credentials to cover this conference?” asked Clayton.

“No,” said Breitbart.

“Maybe you should leave, then,” said Clayton.

“Okay. If you want to get someone to escort people out of your conference, there are progressives at…”

“So it’s okay for you to be here without paying?”

Downhill from there. Clayton asked Breitbart about a man who harassed two Muslim women in the city last night and claimed to be contacting Breitbart for help. (I’ve seen video of part of the incident, but all evidence suggests the guy was just bluffing.)

“Who is this person?” asked Breitbart. “You’re a great reporter. Who is this person? Your journalism is vitriol! You can’t even tell me who the person is.”

“Have you kicked the cocaine habit?” asked Clayton.

“Did I hire you to prove my point about Netroots nuts?”


You didn’t have to, Andrew. They do that for free.


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