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Heh. Obama admin ends its illegal ObamaCare waivers

Come September, you won’t be able to get your union or state or whatever out of ObamaCare. The administration waited until a late summer afternoon to call the whole waiver thing off.

Removing a potential political distraction ahead of next year’s elections, the Obama administration Friday announced an early end to a health care waiver program that has come under fire from congressional Republicans.

Political considerations were “absolutely not” part of the decision, said Steve Larsen, head of a section of the Health and Human Services department that oversees President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Right. That’s by Big Labor just happened to get so many waivers.

Larsen said no new applications for waivers will be considered after Sept. 22. Approvals or renewals received by the deadline will be good through 2013. Starting in 2014, the main coverage provisions of the health care law will take effect, and such waivers will no longer be needed.

Or, by 2014 we’ll have a new president who will have signed a repeal, ending the national nightmare that is ObamaCare.