Happy Birthday 'Recovery Summer'

My how time flies.  It was only one year ago today that the White House announced we were on the eve of last year’s “Recovery Summer.”

As we all know by now things didn’t quite turn out that way. To mark the one year birthday, the congressional pro-business web site, American Job Creators today released this poignant birthday video.


As a single candle burns down and “Happy Birthday” chimes in the background, the video identifies the “President’s gift to America:” 13,941,000 jobless and 44 million on food stamps.

The candle flame turns to smoke and the video concludes: “With him in charge, hope went up in smoke.”

American Jobs Creators was established by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.  Their website www.americanjobcreators.com has actively solicited reports from businesses to quantify how government regulations affect real businesses in the real world. 

It was the American Job Creators web site that uncovered the National Labor Relations Board’s astonishing charge that the Boeing Company had violated federal regulations when it decided to build a new aircraft manufacturing plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state.   Tthe NLRB ruled Boeing it must build a second plant in Washington State.

The NLRB ruling was considered an unprecedented extension of government regulations, intruding on private business decisions about where companies build their factories. The pro-labor NLRB decision also would increase the union rank-and-file for the Washington State-based International Association of Machinists. The machinists have struck Boeing in Seattle four times since 1989, the last in 2008.


According to OpenSecrets.org, the machinist’s union has donated $25.9 million to Democrats over the last 12 election cycles.  On average, they have given political contributions to Democrats 98% of the time. In 2010 the union spent $1.78 million in congressional lobbying.

Today Congressional field hearings are being held in South Carolina about the NLRB’s punitive action against for Boeing. The hearing will also look into the chilling effect government regulations have on job creation.

Happy birthday, Recovery Summer.


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