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Ginger Lee: Yes, Anthony Weiner told me to lie about our online relationship

The porn star near the center of Weinergate entered today’s press conference with at least one strike against her, namely, that Gloria Allred is her attorney. But that poor choice aside, her story carries a ring of truth about it.

A porn star said on Wednesday she had an e-mail relationship with embattled Representative Anthony Weiner and that he urged her to lie about their exchanges in the hope that a scandal surrounding him would die down.

Ginger Lee, flanked by her celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, told a news conference in New York, that Weiner “asked me to lie” about their interchanges which included about 100 emails as well as messages over Twitter.

Lee, a stripper, said her relationship began with the Democratic lawmaker from New York over political issues such as a woman’s right to choose abortion, and health care, but that Weiner kept trying to turn the conversation sexual.

She said she never reciprocated his lewd messages, which were often about “his package.”

And she ain’t talking about FedEx. Factor in the new/old photos of Weiner that have shown up, of him as a preening young cross-dresser, and we’re getting a picture of an odd and compulsive individual.