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Hilarious email: Sheriff Joe brags about how little waste has plagued the stimulus

Charlie, you’re right — they really do think they’re fooling the media and 51% of the public (they may be right, at least as regards the media). And they’re using official White House email to keep the game going. Here’s part of an email that the White House sent out today.

When we passed the Recovery Act back in 2009, President Obama insisted that we use that program to set a new standard in government transparency and accountability. And he appointed me as “Sheriff Joe” to make sure the job gets done.

Now, there were a lot of naysayers back then who said that there was no way we could implement the Recovery Act without massive waste, fraud and abuse.

You know what? They were wrong. Thanks to our diligence (and some help from advanced computer models and sophisticated data analysis), the Recovery Act has had an unprecedentedly low level of fraud, with less than 0.6% of all awards experiencing any waste or abuse.

Right. Or, ridiculous, since the entire project has been a total waste of time and a trillion dollars. So what does Sheriff Joe consider to be actual government waste?

Did you know that the government spends millions to maintain buildings that have sat vacant for years? Or that your tax dollars pay to needlessly ship copies of the Federal Register to thousands of government offices across the country even though the same information is available online?

And I bet you didn’t know that your tax dollars pay for a website dedicated to the Desert Tortoise. I’m sure it’s a wonderful species, but we can’t afford to have a standalone site devoted to every member of the animal kingdom. It’s just one of hundreds of government websites that should be consolidated or eliminated.

This kind of waste is just unacceptable. Particularly at a time when we’re facing tough decisions about reducing our deficit, it’s a no-brainer to stop spending taxpayer dollars on things that benefit nobody.

All worth cutting, but it’s nickels and dimes compared to Project Obama — the stimulus, ObamaCare, a zillion unaccountable policy czars and so forth.

As I blogged earlier: What. A. Joke.