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A Day at the Golf Course, starring the Marxist Brothers

(Bamo, Bono, Kaso, and Joe hit the links to save America.)

(Setting: A country club you can’t afford to join. Even if you could afford it: “We’re sorry, membership is full right now.”)

Bamo: Say guys, the Secret Service has us covered out to 1,500 yards, so we can finally let loose from all the Kabuki we threw at the masses.

Joe: Yeah, buncha suckers.


Bono: Hey Bamo, that was great dissembling with the Brady Campaign. “We’re exploring executive action.”

Joe: Buncha useful idiots.

Kaso: Say, Bamo, that shot hooked a little left, didn’t it?

Bamo: Naw, I planned it that way. And Bono, that was great theater last spring when you made it seem like we were gonna have to shut down the government. Really scared the welfare and public union base.

Joe: Buncha serfs.

Bono: Yeah. By the time the gun nuts get a clue, the economy will be so f’d up they won’t be able to afford ammo. Gun ban by default! And I’ll have perfect plausible deniability so I can keep my NRA “A” grade.

Joe: Buncha goobers.

Kaso: Hey Bamo, why don’t you take another shot. Y’know, PGA rules are for sissies and other voters.

Joe: Buncha tools.

Bamo: Thanks, Kaso, they’ll never know, so it’s cool. Hey, maybe they’ll send up another Joe the Plumber with an organ grinder next year. He was an awesome sideshow to distract the Tea Potty.

Joe: Buncha chimps.

Bono: Cut the conservatives off at the ankles, it did. So then…business as usual?

Bamo: Sure, play both sides off, and split the proceeds?

Kaso: Why not? We’re all Country Club Republicans here, aren’t we?