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After Weiner: Want a Better Republic? We Need Better Citizens.

On the topic of Anthony Weiner, CNN’s John Avlon reminds us that it was RFK who said, “Politics should be the most honorable profession.”

He adds “[This] seems increasingly like a bitter joke.”

Anthony Weiner, Chris Lee, Mark Foley, John Ensign, Mark Sanford, Larry Craig …  Edwards, Vitter, Spitzer, Clinton.

Is it a national civic crisis as Avlon points out? I’ve been talking to PJTVs James Poulos about this topic for a while. He says we need better citizens if we want a better Republic.

But where’s the incentive in our Snookiverse?

Avlon concludes his article with this bar for public servants, as set by Teddy Roosevelt:

No man can lead a public career really worth leading, no man can act with rugged independence in serious crises, nor strike at great abuses, nor afford to make powerful and unscrupulous foes, if he is himself vulnerable in his private character.

When you hear about the story of Wisconsin’s public-sector union zombie thugs disrupting an event for the Special Olympics this week, keep that quote in mind.