'It's me': New Weinergate photo emerges (Updated)

Big Government has it. It’s a photo of Anthony Weiner, proving to a female tweeter that it’s really him sending out the tweets in his feed.

The woman has indicated that Rep. Weiner allegedly sent the photograph after she asked him to confirm that he was taking photographs contemporaneously, in conjunction with their apparent online communications.


The photo itself would be innocuous, but for the famous undies tweet: This latest photo appears to be proof that Weiner engages in real time direct messaging with women and isn’t shy about proving that it’s really him when asked to do so.

I mused the other day that Weiner was using twitter and its direct message capability to build himself a cyber harem. If that’s what he’s been up to, it helps explain both the unusual number of attractive young women among his followees, and why he won’t answer whether the original photo is of him or not. He’s aware that whether or not that particular photo is of him, there are others out there that are definitely of him. One false move and they’re all over the internet. Big Government’s new photo lends a little support to that idea, as do the twists that R.S. McCain posts, including mutual follows between Weiner and apparently three teenage girls, and the ever more curious case of the porn star who seems to have gotten more than one DM from the Ween. That, if true, blows up his contention that she just received a “pro forma” message thanking her for following him. Sure, she may have gotten that. But what was in the next DM? Ace introduces the “flaming shorts” alert, which isn’t exactly the bat signal, but it’ll do for following the ins and outs of a dude tweeting pics of himself in his drawers.


Congress is in recess now, but New York politics never sleep. Weiner wants to be mayor of New York, and has many rivals for that job. Those rivals will help make sure that this story keeps boiling, at least long enough to damage him beyond repair.

Over the past few days now, when I tweet about Weinergate I’ve tend to use the hashtag #WeinerYes. For some reason, I haven’t gotten any “pro forma” messages — or any other kind of messages — thanking me for my interesting in Weiner’s tweets. I wonder why…

Update: It turns out that the “randy” photo was sent out via Tweetdeck, which Weiner was known to be using both before and after that particular tweet. It’s just one more detail supporting the idea that Weiner himself sent out the pic, accidentally as a public tweet rather than private.


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