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Video: 'That's not the Weiner I know!"

Jon Stewart covers Weinergate. How could he not? By his own admission in the first part of the clip, if his show has a wheelhouse, a story like this one is definitely in that wheelhouse. That he is friends with Weiner complicates things a bit, but I don’t see him pulling many punches here.

Now, the first half or so is not family friendly and NSFW. It’s the Daily Show. But once you’re past that, Stewart takes several clean shots at the MSM and even touts bloggers’ role in reporting and advancing the story. True, he only does that in the context of the photo’s EXIF data and doesn’t mention the @RepWeiner time shout out to Seattle, or Cordova’s retweet of that, and a few of the other details that make Weiner look like a wiener. But he does manage to get through the segment without blaming the Koch brothers. So all in all, it’s well done.

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(Via Viral Footage)

Oh, and by the way, add the porn star in Weinergate to the list of people who have gone strangely silent.