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Let this be your last Jon Huntsman story

It is worse than Bryan writes.  MSNBC and Time aren’t the only places devouring their reader’s time with stories on Jon Huntsman’s doomed campaign.  Here is all you need to know about Jon Huntsman: he will not win Iowa, he will never win South Carolina.  If you cannot win South Carolina you cannot be the nominee.  It doesn’t happen.  I wrote at PJM:

As it always does, the path to the nomination will go through South Carolina. One can lose Iowa and New Hampshire and still win the nomination.  Pro-business mainstream conservatives who give no offense to evangelicals and mainline Protestants — and, ideally, who have demonstrable national security credibility — are the candidates who win the South Carolina primary. Everyone wondering who will be the GOP nominee in 2012 should read that last sentence ten times over. Failure on any point means failure in South Carolina.

Huntsman gives offense, lots of it.  Now you can return to your regularly scheduled “Who Is Jon Huntsman” programing.