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Chris Matthews Hates the Tea Party (anyone shocked?)

As reported by Newsbusters on May 16th, Chris Matthews ended his program “Hardball” with a segment he calls, “Let Me Finish.” (An oddly worded title for a segment, as if he ever let’s any of his guests finish any of their points!)  In the segment, Matthews went on a hateful rant about the Tea Party and the GOP, stating that the relationship between the two is not about love, it’s about hate.  Watch the video below:

In his nonsensical, common-place anti-Republican screed, Matthews makes three claims.  He states:

No, the marriage between the Republicans and the Tea Party is based on hatred, hatred of government, hatred of the Democrats, hatred of Barack Obama. What’s love got to do with it? Zip.

Let’s break these down one by one, just to remind us (the non-ranting, non-hateful world) what the Tea Party is all about.

  1. The Tea Party does not hate government.  If it did, why would they keep saying they want to have a government based on the Constitution? Matthews is throwing out an old canard that has no value in a society where people think and use reason.  The Tea Party opposes big government; a government that encroaches on our freedoms, a government that believes the State is more important than the individual.  Matthews is wrong on this point, and doesn’t care.
  2. The Tea Party does not hate Democrats.  However, the Tea Party does not support an ill-founded ideology that undermines the Constitution, that undermines Capitalism and Free Markets and that tries to dismantle the American culture that fosters and supports free minds and free people.  One could make the argument that the Tea Party hates what is happening to the country, but that is different than hating Democrats, and it is a position supported by moderates and Independents as well.  Matthews, once again, is wrong.
  3. The Tea Party doesn’t hate President Obama.  The Tea Party is disgusted with his policies.  Obamacare is UnConstitutional and immoral, the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation is a shameful law, his foreign policy has left us weaker and truly hated, his budget plan balloons deficits and places the burden of repayment on unborn generations.  Matthews, on all three counts, is wrong.

But Matthews will continue with this charade about Tea Party hate – I believe that psychologists call it transference.  No one is more hate-filled than the hard-core progressive Left, of which Matthews is a proud member and leader.  Matthews is unwilling to engage in conversation, so he pushes forth a meme that is solely designed to intimidate, to insult and to squelch the opportunities for discussion. How easy, now, is it for Matthews, and for the progressive Left, to not engage the millions and millions of members in the Tea Party and what they believe?  How simple, for those same people, to explain away the consistent Rasmussen polling that has Americans opposed to Obamacare, or to explain the vote in 2010?  How beneficial for Matthews and his ilk to sit back and be so detached from reality?

The “Tea Party is hateful” meme is as much of a lie as “The Tea Party is racist” meme.  These are lies, told by liars, to prevent conversations about the lies they tell themselves.  Matthews hates….the Tea Party, the Republican Party and himself.