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Does NATO suck?

Evidently, if you read this Debka report detailing “European weakness” and how little progress has been made by NATO forces since the US handed over controls of the Libyan operation in early April.

Theoretically, if the current military stalemate goes on, NATO bombardment would be able to destroy the pro-Qaddafi army in the course of time – but only if no other factors are taken into account. At the present intensity of its air and sea strikes, NATO would need five years – not months – to bring that army to breaking point. And in the meantime, Qaddafi and its external backers – Russia, China, most African and some Balkan countries – are not idle – witness the arrival of advanced electronic gear for helping to tipping the balance in his favor

It’s pretty pathetic actually, if you think about it. And good news for the world’s creeps like Assad and Ahmadinejad (who apparently has more problems with Khamenei than he does with the French and the British).