The PJ Tatler

"The Fight of Our Lives"

is a new book by William Bennett (the former czar) and Seth Leibsohn.  Published by Thomas Nelson.  It’s a must read.  Beautifully written, superbly structured, it reminds us–and we need regular reminders–what the fight is all about and why it is a life and death struggle.  It is also blessedly short.

As you might expect, it’s particularly powerful on what Bennett and Leibsohn call our “political religion.”  Here’s one of my favorites:

It is in our power to breed heroes and statesmen, just as much as terrorists and traitors.  We breed by both example and instruction.  If we are to cultivate heroes and statesmen, then we must recommit ourselves to the founding creed, to the philosophies of statecraft and soulcraft that have undergirded our nation for generations.

Amen, bros!

Get it and memorize it.