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Fire melts steel, Rosie O'Donnell whines for terrorists (again)

When she still had her perch on The Spew, Rosie O’Donnell declared a couple of things related to the war on terrorism. One, she whined that we had robbed terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed of his humanity and declared that KSM wasn’t the “be all end all of terrorism,” which in one phrase makes no sense and manages to fly in the face of the facts: KSM has admitted planning 9-11 and bragged that he sawed WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl’s head off. If there is such a thing as a “be all end all of terrorism,” KSM surely fits. Two, she hinted darkly that 9-11 was an inside job, citing as her coup de grace that fire doesn’t melt steel. Even though it does.

How steel is made and shaped in the first place, Rosie never quite got around to answering.

Now, Rosie is whining that Osama bin Laden did not get “due process.

You can also be upset about the fact that he didn’t have due process, that he didn’t get tried, that he wasn’t brought to The Hague for war-crime tribunal [sic].

You could be upset about that, but you’d be a fool. When the twitterverse pointed out the obvious, that OBL never gave his thousands of victims any due process, Rosie responded:

‘Now, Rosie, it was illegal for them to fly planes into the Twin Towers.’ I’m fully aware of that. Because other people are capable of criminal acts on our soil doesn’t equate to ‘therefore, we are allowed to do criminal acts on their soil.’

There’s progress of a sort in that nonsense, if Rosie has abandoned her Trutherism after all these years. But I doubt she really has. Rosie O’Donnell is surely one of the many for whom the term “idiotarian” was invented.