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Death of a Madman

I, like others, noted the excessive use of the pronoun “I” in Obama’s speech, but that struck me less than the MSM giving him the credit as well.

Let’s be clear, the death of Osama is a good thing, but was in no way the doing of any one single person. Moreover, Osama had been little more than a figurehead for years. The systematic dismantling of al-Qeada by the previous administration had more or less destroyed the core al-Qeada group’s ability to do much more than export videos. In that context, Osama alive and in hiding was less trouble than Osama dead and a martyr.

The same logic, by the way, was why Che Guevara was run out of the Congo with his tail between his legs rather than shot like the mad dog he was. Che humiliated and shown to be incompetent was less trouble than Che the revolutionary martyr.

Do not misunderstand, I’m glad bin Laden is finding out how well his views are received in the afterlife — and I suspect he’s less than pleased with the accommodations, which likely run more to boiling pitch than willing virgins — but I will watch the fallout with interest.