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Video: Rep. Allen West slams Obama's 'Third World dictator-like arrogance' (Updated)

He said that on the Laura Ingraham Show. Later on Fox, Greta Van Susteren gives West a chance for a do-over, and not only does he not do over, he adds that the president is behaving like a “low level socialist agitator,” which he also said in the Ingraham interview.

Rep. West has many facts in his corner on this. The list of arrogant behaviors on the part of President Obama is getting longer by the day. Speaking to a group of supporters this week, he allegedly called some Americans “slugs.” The president is right now pondering using an executive order to politicize the government contracting process. He accused some traditional Americans of “clinging bitterly” to their guns and their faith. He brought into power with him ACORN and Big Labor, together among the most thuggish and corrupt institutions in American politics. He tells one group of Americans to “punish their enemies,” and he takes the country to war in a rush that failed to include any consultation with Congress. He sided with Big Labor and against elected representatives in the Wisconsin budget battle. And on and on.

West has a point here. And good for him for clinging, not bitterly by the sound of him, to his guns on this.

Update: Rep. West has struck a nerve.

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