Di Paolo on Showtime - take that, HBO

Turn on HBO and there’s a good chance you’ll see a left-of-center program staring back at you. My recent piece at The Daily Caller details the pay channel’s programming tilt, including upcoming projects like the film version of the Palin-bashing book “Game Change.”


Might that open up some opportunities for HBO’s rivals? It’s too soon to tell, but Showtime serves up some conservative counter-programming next weekend.

“Nick Di Paolo: Raw Nerve,” debuting at 9 p.m. EST April 30, gives the conservative comic a TV platform to spout off on President Obama, liberal media bias and other politically incorrect subjects.

Is this the start of a trend? It’s only one hour of programming, but if Di Paolo scores big ratings it might coax the network, and maybe other channels, to give right-leaning funnymen some serious thought.


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