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All Hell in Syria

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators calling for freedom, troops shooting into the crowds, it must be time for President Obama to play golf and for Miss Hillary to cluck her tongue over those rascally Syrians.

Latest (last night) from Reform Party of Syria:

Jameel al-Assad. Syrians inside Syria are reporting that Jameel al-Assad, a Maj. General and an important military figure in the regime, died today as a result of a gunshot fatal wound. After giving orders to shoot at demonstrators tomorrow, it seems one of the soldiers taking orders turned his rifle and shot him dead. The soldier was immediately ushered to safety by others. If the story is true, it marks a major tuning point in this Revolution.

Homs. Security men and the army has disappeared from the city. Possible reasons: 1) Aleppo may erupt tomorrow and Assad needs all the help in this 5 million plus city. 2) Homs is lost and Assad needs to retreat to Damascus to protect his rule.

Sednaya Prison. Beirut Observer is reporting that 4 Salafi prisoners were put to death for refusing to testify, on tape, they were behind the murder of Syrian army soldiers. It seems the Salafi accusation is not sticking so the regime tried to implicate real Salafis.