The Tao of Jerry

From a fine analysis of the re-upped California governor by William Voegeli in the Claremont Review:

Whether he’s a better old governor than he was a young one will depend, in part, on how much Brown changed during the 28 years between his second and third terms. Familiarity with the unconventional politician described in a 1974 Time magazine cover story as a “tense and introverted intellectual” eventually bred contempt. By 1992, when he offered himself in a third failed presidential campaign as the last honest man in American politics, Mickey Kantor, who had managed Brown’s 1976 presidential campaign and 1982 senatorial run, said Brown had been reduced to “a groping politician looking for the next thing he can exploit.” Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter called him “a chameleon, a character assassin and a first-class cynic.”


Reading this article, Rick Richman at Contentions concludes that Jerry Brown’s goose is cooked. Put California governor at the top of the short list for “Worst Job in the World.”


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