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Actual Matt Yglesias headline: 'Koch Industries Says That Koch Political Activities Are Motivated By Considerations Of Corporate Profit'

You mean to say, that corporations get involved in politics in order to help foster conditions conducive to their business interests?  Well O to the M to the G. That’s just…not shocking at all, unless you’re a half-wit Sorosbot by the name of Matt Yglesias.

But since Mattie is all in a lather about the eeeevil Koch brothers and their political motivations, let’s turn the beat around and ask: Just what motivates George Soros to pour millions into the likes of Media Matters, the Center for American Progress (parent of Think Progress, where Yglesias learns how the world really works while we watch), American Independent Media, the Open Society Institute, and assorted other left wing outfits? Soros is a currency speculator and investor. Why is he investing so heavily in pundits who possess less knowledge of the world than your average snail?

And while we’re at it, why do the unions invest so heavily on one side of the political ledger? What’s really in it for them when Democrats get elected? Master Yglesias is so interested in the Koch Bros. Why isn’t he interested in figures and groups whose donations positively dwarf those of the Bros Koch?