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Roger Simon and Andrew Breitbart at the movies

I caught a showing of Atlas Shrugged and found both Pajamas Media CEO Roger Simon as well as Andrew Breitbart on the big screen.

First, the trailer to Roger’s  story “A Better Life” played.  The story looks like a classic American tale – think Avalon. When the trailer ended, I heard more than one person in the theatre opine, “that looks good.”  That didn’t happen after the trailer for Bridesmaids.

Second, who would have thought Andrew Breitbart would be the next internet media mogul to appear on the big screen?  I caught a glimpse of what I thought was Andrew in an Atlas Shrugged scene involving an anniversary party.   Andrew confirmed to me he indeed has an uncredited cameo in Atlas Shrugged.  Don’t blink, his big moment is only a few seconds.