How seriously to beat Obama in 2012: get serious

Let me quickly note few combine hints of poetry with their prose better than Peggy Noonan.  Her craft is to be admired. Today, she has this oh-so-serious piece at the Wall Street Journal about Obama’s weakening 2012 reelection prospects.    


She notes smart people, her words, ascribe to the conventional wisdom that unemployment is ticking down and the economy is inching back, making an Obama victory more likely.  Noonan observes Paul Ryan’s “seriousness and substance” in his budget proposal “outgunned” Obama, even if the conventional wisdom among the less than smart people, my words, saw Obama take the hill in the budget fight.  Nevertheless, “addressing entitlements is all anyone serious has been talking about for years; its what the Ryan plan is all about.”  

She reports from Democrats that Obama’s best hope is “the GOP will nominate for the presidency someone strange, extreme or barely qualified.”  Of course in 2008, none of those characteristics impaired Obama.  Instead of nominating someone strange, she asks “Will the GOP be serious?”  Republican victory can be attained with candidates who “can speak to the entire country, who have serious experience” and “are grounded and credible” enough to “win centrist support.”   After all didn’t we watch the serious grounded centrist beat the strange, extreme and barely qualified candidate in 2008?  That didn’t happen?  Seriously?


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