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It's time to leave the UN, and the dangerous Socialists

The United Nations is willing to pay attention to a Bolivian motion that would give “Mother Nature” the same rights as humans.  It is based on a law that was recently enacted in Bolivia by Bolivian President – and dangerous socialist – Evo Morales, that gives every bug and creepy-crawly thing the “rights” to clean air and clean water.

Back in 2008, Morales handed out a pamphlet to the U.N., talking about his desire to save the planet.  He referred to them as the “10 Commandments.”  Top of the list to save the planet?  End capitalism.

Wanting clean air and water is smart.  Letting the free market react to the demands of the people via market forces makes those changes. But to believe you will achieve “balance” in the world by claiming that capitalism is destroying the Earth is sick, twisted nonsense spewed out by dangerous Socialists.  Free markets lead to free people.  Socialists hate free people….and this motion proves it.

Luckily for Morales, he has a whole bunch of dangerous socialists to sell his nonsense to in that prime real estate in lower Manhattan. The United States should get out of the U.N., and stop paying any fees towards the U.N.  But let them stay in New York….as we capitallists understand, it’s good for business.