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Spike Jones has a few words for Lindsey Graham and Harry Reid

And he would fling those words right in der Senators’ face.

We heil, heil, right in the mullah’s face. If only…

This whole notion that we have to curb our free speech to soothe the savage Taliban beasts is strategically stupid and morally wrong. They’re killers. They’re totalitarian nutters. They’re evil. They want us dead or enslaved. Our existence is incitement enough to them.


They will never love us, but they should have learned in the past decade of war to fear us. Instead, we have learned to fear them.

There is one difference between World War II and the current one, of course. The Taliban/al Qaeda combine the worst of Nazi ideology with the most intolerant view of religion on earth. So if anything, the current enemy is worse and more insidious than the one Spike Jones enjoyed taunting.

Update: By the way, Spike Jones was by no means the only American who enjoyed taunting Hitler. The Donald Duck version of Der Fuerher’s Face was the only Donald cartoon to win an Oscar. The Three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin, just about the entire entertainment industry geared up to taunt the Nazis every chance they got. The war was one of old Hollywood’s finest moments.

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