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POLIWOOD - Hooray for Palestine: Hollywood Premieres New Anti-Israel Film at the UN

Hooray for Palestine indeed… whatever that is. Lionel and I take on Julian Schnabel and Harvey Weinstein in the latest POLIWOOD. We both greatly admired Schnabel’s recent Diving Bell and the Butterfly and many Weinstein-produced films are wonderful, but when it comes to their new film Miral on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the two filmmakers appear to be working from a script by J Street…. or maybe even CAIR. And they premiered their sentimental propagandistic nonsense at the UN, no less, home to such great pro-Israel humanitarians as Muammar Gaddafi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I wonder what Julian and Harvey were thinking this morning when yet another Palestinian bomb went off at the Jerusalem bus station, obviously aimed randomly at civilians, mostly women and children. Last week’s stabbing murder of an Israeli infant in his bed was somewhat less random, but even more brutal. Not very good for box office, it is it, guys? Call it bad timing.

Anyway, the one thing Miral has in its favor is that it contradicts the canard that Jews control Hollywood. If they do, it’s for suicide purposes only. See all about it on POLIWOOD.