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Obama announces 'American Conservation Youth Corps'

Presumably, he doesn’t pronounce it “corpse.”

According to a Video released today by the White House, the Obama Administration is going to create the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Core through the Great Outdoors Initiative. .In the Video the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, says:

“Just about a month ago the President announced The America’s Great Outdoors Initiative. It is an effort to create the 21st Century Conservation Program for the United States of America. An absolute key component of that program is the engagement of young people in conservation across America. To that end we have included in the report the creation of a 21st Century Conservation Corps for America. We want young people to be involved with us..”

On its own, that doesn’t sound too bad. It’s kids learning to conserve. Okeydoke.

But like everything else with this presidency, it’s worth looking at previous comments and standing them up against the current ones. Like this one.

What was that “civilian national security force,” and how did Obama think it was possible to fund it all the way up to the level of DoD? Or did he mean to cut DoD down to the level of some unnamed civilian army? And for what purpose? He’s never said, and the media has never done any follow-up.

So there’s that comment. And this one, from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

You gathered here with powershift 09 as young people from the ages of 18-30 you are the engines of change, you are the engines of change.

I’m here tonight for Barack Obama because he is an agent of change.

But we can not accomplish the change we need to accomplish for our world, for our country, for our communities, for all of you, for all of our families unless we have the young people of our country and the world involved.

This new American Conservation Youth Corps apparently includes a lot of interagency cooperation, such as getting the Dept of Ed (last seen stalking your kids on facebook) to run up the green flag instead of sticking to the basics, to propagandize your kids into hounding you about the environment.

Put all this together: Very creepy!

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