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Egypt: Voters approve constitutional changes likely to aid Muslim Brotherhood

Democracy, whiskey, sexy in Cairo now that Mubarak is gone? Um, no.

More than 18 million valid ballots were counted, with 77.2 percent of voters approving the changes, Mohammed Attia, the head of the judicial commission overseeing the referendum, said today at a press conference in Cairo. …

Backers such as the Muslim Brotherhood, banned under Mubarak, say the amendments will help speed up the transition to civilian rule, free the army for duties like guarding national security and end turmoil that is hurting the economy.

And help them obtain power:

“The support of the Islamic currents and of the Brotherhood for the amendments has complicated the referendum and increased the state of polarization,” Amr el-Choubaki, director of the Alternatives Forum for Political Studies, an independent research organization, said by telephone in Cairo before the results were announced. “If the changes are accepted, then the power of the Brotherhood will increase.”

The Brotherhood and members of the former ruling party are “well organized and are experienced in contesting elections,” said Nabil Abdel Fattah, director of Al-Ahram Center for Social and Historic Studies. “This alliance may try to decrease the ability of the new youths’ groups to influence the makeup of the upcoming parliament and the nature of the new president.”

Gee, who could’ve seen this coming?

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