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An easy federal agency to eliminate: the Election Assistance Commission

One federal agency which is on the chopping block is the Election Assistance Commission.  Formed after the mayhem of the 2000 election, it was intended to aid lawmakers and help launch the Help America Vote Act.  Its biggest responsibility was handing out millions of dollars in Federal funds.  But now it spends more money on management costs instead of doing anything else and some Republicans want to terminate the commission.  When it comes to spending cuts, the Election Assistance Commission can be classified as “low hanging fruit.”

But now Republicans have another reason to zero out the EAC’s budget line – radical appointments.  The White House announced the appointment of Myrna Perez this week.  Perez is a radical voter fraud denier from the headquarters of voter fraud deniers – The Brennan Center for Justice.  Perez has opposed enforcement of Section 8 of Motor Voter which requires dead and ineligible felons to be removed from the voter rolls.  Congressmen like Gregg Harper of Mississippi who are leading the charge to axe the EAC can add the appointment of Myrna Perez to the list of reasons fellow House Republicans should end the brief and now useless era of the EAC.

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