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"Those evil evil Iranian opposition people make up lies about our Supreme Leader..."

One of the fun parts of being an active member of the Iranian opposition is that the Iranian regime can’t help handing us sticks to hit them with. This week, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard website, Javan Online provides us once again, with yet another fine case in point.

Recently the Iranian press reported a flurry of messages on Twitter and Facebook from inside Iran that reported that Khamenei had suffered a heart attack. According to “eyewitnesses” during the wee hours of the morning, on Wednesday March 2nd, a large number of high-ranking revolutionary guards, senior clerics and various other regime officials were seen entering the private hospital (in Tehran’s exclusive Lashkarak section) that caters to only the highest ranking officials and is armed to the teeth with guards.

Though the regime-run media were slower than usual on the uptake and hesitated for a day (usually they react within whiplash speed) before denying this news. But now that they have, they’ve gone into one of their Uriah Heep postures of cloying humility, claiming to have been yet again once again, attacked and victimized by the ‘evil’ Iranian opposition that fabricates rumor after rumors in order to confuse public opinion. As if anyone really needs to do that where the Mullahs & IRGC Partners, Inc. are concerned.

They always have to have the last word, they always tip their hand. It’s impossible for them to just shut up.

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