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Reality paging Sen. Graham: For once Clapper is right

According to Fox News, Sen. Lindsay “Grahamnasty” Graham is calling for the firing of Intel Chief James Clapper after he said China and Russia posed a “mortal threat” to the U.S.

Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., broke in to say he was “really kind of taken aback” by the answer. Levin said North Korea and Iran are the first nations that come to his mind, not Russia and China.
Clapper clarified that North Korea and Iran are “of great concern,” but questioned whether they pose a “direct mortal threat” to the United States. The intelligence chief seemed to be focused on which countries have the capability, not necessarily the intent, to threaten the United States.

Yes, yes, Iran and North Korea are a problem, but both are nations we can turn into parking lots at our leisure.

Russia and China, however, are a bit more of an issue. Russia is trying to resurrect its former empire and its power and China is most assuredly trying to become a superpower.

As for intent, China is NOT our friend, whatever both idiot Dems and just as monumentally stupid Republicans like to think, and one of the few places where I happen to agree with Sen. John McCain is when he said he’d looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and saw three letters: “KGB.”

None of these countries wish us well, and both of them are future threats.

Levin, who seemed to be on the verge of laughing, said: “By that measure, the U.S. represents the biggest threat” to China and Russia.

Earth to Levin as well — we are.