Kevin Jennings crawls out from under a rock to spearhead Obama's anti-bullying conference

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After a series of truly jaw-dropping scandals exposed the indefensible associations and beliefs of “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings, he dropped out of the public eye and basically seemed to have gone into hiding for the entirety of Obama’s term in office — until now, that is.


Obama apparently assessed that the heat has died down, and it was safe to take Jennings out of cold storage to participate in today’s “White House Conference on Bullying Prevention” — which is understandable, because that’s the supposed reason Jennings was brought into the White House in the first place, to highlight the bullying of gender-transgressive teens.

As everyone knows, White House conferences and congressional hearings are far and away the most effective way to control misbehaving teenagers and the bad attitudes of youth culture. Just ask Tipper Gore! Years after her pioneering attempts to influence popular music, I can’t think of a single contemporary song with racy lyrics.

Anyway, just to remind everyone, here’s some background on the person who is the one of the behind-the-scenes coordinators of today’s White House Conference on Bullying Prevention:


Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Is Promoting Child Porn in the Classroom
Jennings fails to report child predator
Kevin Jennings: I Was inspired by Harry Hay
Kevin Jennings knew of Harry Hay’s NAMBLA connections
Harry Hay’s blurb for the NAMBLA book A Witchhunt Foiled
“Spit vs. Swallow?”
• … etc. etc. etc. Dozens of blogs came out with similar exposés in 2009.

It’s reassuring to know that Obama still thinks Jennings merits his position as our nation’s “Safe Schools Czar.”


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