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Hamas front CAIR caught doctoring video of anti-terror protesters

I know, color me shocked that Hamas front, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), gets caught doctoring a video of a protest rally in Yorba Linda, CA to make anti-terror protesters appear violent. NBC-LA reports:

An Internet video showing U.S.-flag-waving crowds yelling at men, women and children attending an Orange County fundraiser for an Islamic charity relief agency is making worldwide headlines and quickly turning into a he-said she-said scuffle.

But a Villa Park city council member who is prominently featured in the video says it was craftily edited to change the meaning of her words, and falsely make her look like she wanted Muslims raising money to feed the homeless to be killed by Marines.

Indeed, video of protestors hurling insults at the Muslims were shot in darkness, apparently several hours after a sun-splashed afternoon rally where two Congressmen and Villa Park council member Deborah Pauly spoke Feb. 13. That organized rally criticized the Muslim charity’s invitations to two Islamic leaders who have supported Hamas or Hezbollah and anti-American policies in the Mideast.

There’s more:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations posted a video of the protests, and the charity fundraiser inside, on the web. Since then, the video has been featured on Internet news sites like the Huffington Post, Salon and has been broadcast by Al Jazeera.

Insults and jeers directed at the men, women and children raising money for the Islamic charity was videotaped in the dark, hours after Pauly and two congressmen had addressed a rally that was called because the two headliners at the fundraiser are supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah and opposed to U.S. policies in the Mideast.

Talk about burying the lede. Do you think HuffPo, Salon and Al-Jazeera were talking about the terrorist supporting speakers at the Islamic fundraiser?

HT: Newsbusters