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The Barbary Pirates Redux

According to the Somali Pirates holding a family of Danes are threatening to kill them the same as they did some Americans last week.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Any attempt to rescue a Danish family captured by pirates in the Indian Ocean will result their deaths — just like the four American sailors slain by their captors last week, a Somali pirate warned Tuesday.

So far as I’ve been able to determine the administration is doing … bupkis. Four Americans killed, we do nothing. More people captured, threats made. We still do nothing.

It’s past time to DO something about these pirates.

I know! Let’s deal with them the same way we did the Barbary Pirates. Let’s hunt them down and kill them — and keep killing them until they stop being pirates.

Unfortunately, the world is too worried about “root causes” and “the poverty of the pirates” many of whom live in mansions, to actually do that. Folks, political correctness is killing people on a daily basis, and it’ll kill us all if we’re not careful. Pirates are criminals who were condemned to death by hanging by international law for centuries. I suggest we start hanging every pirate we catch –“pour encourager les autres…”