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Obacarter And the Global Insurrection

So now Qadaffi must go, the president says.  Why?  Because he maintains power by killing his own citizens.

And Iran, Mr President? By your standard, you should be proclaiming “Khamenei,  Ahmadinejad and the whole crowd must go.”  You should be demanding the release of all political  prisoners (most notably the Green leaders), equal rights for women, and proper standards of human rights.

But, so far as I can tell, you don’t.  Why?

Are you being blackmailed by your own foolish dream of making a deal with the murderous tyrants there?  Or is it the usual secret hostage negotiations?  Or what?

Or maybe you really do have a foreign policy, one that consists in trying to cut America down to size.  Creating a world in which American exceptionalism is no different from Greek  “exceptionalism,” as you have said?

Tell us.