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Watch a union supporter throw a punch when FreedomWorks tries to engage in an intelligent conversation

I get uneasy when I hear people describe union activists as thugs.  But that is the only word you can use in this video as we see a seething, insulting union organizer punch FreedomWorks’ Tabitha Hale in the face while colleague David Spielman hopelessly tries to engage him in an intelligent conversation.

No this isn’t some barbaric video from the streets of Tripoli.  It occurred in the good ‘ole USA on Capitol Hill in D.C. on Wednesday.  The violent guy is holding a sign from the Communications Workers of America as he joined other angry union supporters at a rally.

Young and nicely dressed, Spielman civilly asks if he can have an intelligent conversation with the union guy.  “No reason to have an intelligent debate with you because you’re not intelligent,” spits out the unionist .

“Let’s talk about freedom,” David suggests.  This sets off the union guy with the Lenin style goatee. “I’ll show you freedom,” he seethes, at which point he punches Tabitha in the face.  She’s holding the camera. The “ugh” you hear is Tabitha.

“Are you taping this?” he asks only after the assault. Only when he hears that it is, and people charge “assault,” does he sheepishly retreat.

It’s a perfect example of thuggery.

Check out the video.