Fleebag Dems actually sleeping in their own homes at night?

Maybe! That’s among the stories moving in Wisconsin today.

[T]he Senate came in unexpectedly at 7 a.m. to issue a call of the house and send law enforcement to the homes of missing Dem senators.

Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has acknowledged Dems cannot be forced to come back to the chamber. Still, he said Republicans believe some Dems are sleeping in their own beds at night and then leaving the state before the call of the house is issued each day and hoped this move would compel at least one to return.


Insert obligatory reference to Letitia Van de Putte’s advice here. It’s one thing to run away for the sake of some alleged principle, but it’s even more craven to fake the running away part. Just when you think you couldn’t have any less respect for the Wisconsin Fleebag Democrats…

The WI Assembly, meanwhile, has figured out a way to set up a vote on the union bill today, maybe by mid-day.


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