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Caught on tape: Union thug assaults female videographer

One of the absolute dumbest things anyone can do is take a swing at another person when that other person has a video camera on and recording. The momentary swing become permanent evidence of assault.

Here is such evidence, captured today, as a union thug gets frustrated and decides to act on Rep. Mike Capuano’s advice.

The victim of the assault is Tabitha Hale of FreedomWorks, who you will be glad to know is fine. No word yet on whether assault charges are going to be filed. Based on the T-shirt the guy was wearing, he belongs to the Communications Workers of America union.

Tabitha isn’t the first to come under physical attack in the wave of union protests sweeping several states. In Denver, SEIU goons harassed and hurled racial epithets at a gay black Tea Party activist.

More: From the blogmaster – the man on that YouTube is “the angry, yet impotent face of today’s labor movement.” Indeed.