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Wisconsin update: Walker sends out rangers to fetch the Chicken Dems

State police, actually, some of which we call Rangers here in Texas.

According to the Wisconsin senate majority leader, the Governor’s office is sending out state troopers to go after Wisconsin’s Democratic Senate members to bring in a vote on Governor Walker’s budget bill which would dramatically limit government workers union’s ability to negotiate many of their benefits.

This is unlikely to work, as all 14 of the Chicken Dems are said to be out of state, in Illinois. But — and this was done during the Texas standoff back in 2003 — putting state police on the border to watch for any crossings might not be a bad idea. Somewhere along I-90 seems like a good spot, along with the city streets in Benoit and South Benoit. Yes, I am calling for Wisconsin to secure its border with Illinois. Let Obama sue!

And since we no longer know where the Democrats actually are, the WI GOP should roll out the milk cartons if they haven’t already.