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Angels among us, treating our cats

Though not the unofficial Tatler historian — I believe that would be Bryan should the need for such a person ever arise — this is, as far as I can tell, our first bleg. Please click on this link for the Animal Cancer Foundation, it will take you to a page featuring this spiffy graphic:

Melissa Steinberg would be my wife, and Sophia is our cat who recently passed away, and that’s about all I can say about that without ruining my motherboard with tears. I’m going to be running the half-marathon with Melissa, too.

The founder of ACF, Dr. Gerald Post, was Sophia’s doctor, along with Dr. Stuart Brodsky. They work here.

The waiting room at their office is too much human drama for all but the most exceptionally countenanced: pet owners, emptied and madly in love with their best friends, who continue to sniff around making buddies with no clue they are in a mortal fight against a tumor. I recall one cancer patient there, a dog who had lost the use of his hind legs and was lovingly set up in a wheelchair device — he of course poked around the room like a day at the park. The pain and purity of that scene is not bearable for most, certainly not for a career, and that’s what Dr. Post, Dr. Brodsky, and their team address with compassion and vigor with their time on Earth.

Most animal cancer treatments are attempts at controlling the disease, not curing it, which is rarely possible, just attempts to extend the length and quality of life. But these medical professionals, giants unlike the rest of us, can take credit for curing plenty of folks’ misanthropy.

Please take a moment to click on this link to donate to the ACF.