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Obama is a ham who spams alot

I’m starting to think that after his time in the White House is done, Barack Obama will make an excellent spam king. Every time he’s involved in some big issue, the State of the Union, the Arizona lawsuit, ect, his personal political army, Organizing for America, rolls out a huge email push. Now that Obama has submitted his abdication of a budget proposal, here comes OfA with a mass email to sell the policy. The title is “What do you think?”

Friend —

This week, the President sent his budget to Congress.

It’s a plan to rebuild our economy and win the future — a plan that will prepare our country and our children for the jobs and industries of tomorrow.

It’s a proposal to live within our means so we can invest in our future.

But the budget can be complex, confusing, and easy to distort in a partisan environment. President Obama will rely on our help — the on-the-ground organizing we know works — to make the case alongside him.

That’s why we want your input.

Take a minute to learn about the President’s top budget priorities, and then let us know which is the most important to you.

They don’t actually want your input. They want your email address and zip code so they can refine and expand their issue targeting, so they can blast out more spam. Click the link above, then choose one of the five options, and you’ll see what I mean.

With Obama, it’s tax hikes and spam, no border security and spam, government takeovers and spam, spam, spam, spam, half baked socialism and more spam.