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ICE agent murdered in Mexico

He was on assignment south of the border, to assist in the fight against the cartels. Another ICE agent was wounded in the attack, which appears to have targeted the agents specifically. That would mark an escalation in the drug war.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Wednesday that Special Agent Jaime Zapata died a day earlier after assailants opened fire on an SUV carrying the agents from Monterrey to Mexico City.

Question: Is the killing of an ICE officer in any way related to this story about a pro-open border group issuing death threats to Republicans in Utah? There is in all likelihood no direct connection, but it certainly marks an escalation in the tactics these open borders radicals are taking.

Two state lawmakers running immigration reform bills were e-mailed perceived death threats over the weekend and Utah Highway Patrol authorities confirmed Monday they are investigating the matter and taking it “very seriously.” …

The letter is signed the “United Front for Defense of Immigrants” and features the images of Che Guevara and, separately, a semiautomatic weapon with a banana clip. It isn’t directly addressed to Sandstrom or Herrod.